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Sinus Lateral Kit

5.00 out of 5

The Sinus Lateral Approach (SLA) Kit offers a minimally invasive approach to lateral sinus lifts. It offers a complete solution for accessing the sinus via opening the lateral wall. The result is minimal flap size and a smaller window than conventional techniques. Unique and patented design of the LS reamer protects the Schneiderian membrane, and the special blade design creates a thin bone disc.

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Specifications of Sinus Lateral Kit

Tapered trunk of LS reamer designed to control drilling depth up to 3.5mm without use of drill stops, and the special blade design creates a thin bone disc, which protects the Schneiderian membrane. C-reamer can be used to cut through the lateral wall and save a piece of circular bone that can be used to close the opening after the procedure. Minimal flap size. Smaller window size than conventional techniques. Instruments provide method of opening the lateral wall near the crest Reamers designed to be used with conventional surgical motor handpiece at 2,000rpm